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Getting your brand heard and recognised isn't easy. It can require several different marketing channels all working correctly to ultimately win more customers. 


At Design 49, we have a wide range of understanding across all major marketing channels, from developing and launching email marketing campaigns, to developing highly efficient digital strategies advertising on Google. 


We can help with advising the best combination of marketing channels to activate for your business and also support with developing and activating them. 

The channels we can support include

  • Email marketing campaigns  

  • Leaflet creation

  • Shop signage

  • Social media campaigns

  • Google paid search

  • Search engine optimisation support

If you have an idea that you are keen to explore, we'd love to have a conversation about how we could support bringing this to life. Alternatively, if you are not sure where to start, we're able to offer guidance on the best approach to marketing, bespoke to your business. 

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