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3 Blog Ideas To Drive Visitors To Your Holiday Rental Website

Since the Covid pandemic, the number of holiday rentals has increased dramatically in the UK. In fact, according to UK government figures, there are now 40% more holiday homes than there were three years ago. With the market quickly becoming saturated with properties, finding ways to stand out and grab your target audience's attention is more important than ever.

Starting a blog on your website can be a great way to attract new visitors or to drive engagement with your social media channels. Your blog should be relevant to the area where your holiday rental business is based and should target content that is useful to your customers. Remember though, a blog is a long-term way of nurturing clients, not a quick win. The topics of your blog post may be searched after the customer has booked their accommodation but with many Brits returning to the same holiday destinations year after year, your goal is to be at the top of the consideration list for their next vacation.

Here are 3 blog ideas you can use to start increasing awareness of your holiday business.

Blog Idea 1: Top Restaurants In Your Local Town/City

Everyone on holiday looks forward to the prospect of not having to slave over a hot stove every night. Dining out is one of the top things to do when on holiday so its not suprising that it is one of the most frequently searched by holiday makers. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from in a typical city, knowing which one to pick with no prior knowledge is a big challenge.

Your prior knowledge of the area where your holiday rental business operates is a gold mine of opportuntiy and you can create a simple blog page providing potential customers with your recommendations. Whatsmore, if you speak to the restaurants you feature, you may be able to come to some agreement where in return for advertising their business, they can recommend your accomodation to visitors.

When you are writing your blog post try and think about the most common questions your customers may ask about the restaurant and make sure you answer it. Some things to cover might include:

  • Opening days and times

  • Style of food

  • Accomodations for allergies and food intolerances

  • Most popular dishes

  • Photographs

  • Pet friendliness

Blog Idea 2: Best Local Attractions

When your potential customers are visiting your local town or city, they are going to want advice on the best things to do while they are there. You are most likely an expert in the local area so you should take advantage of this and share information with people who are interested in visiting. Whatsmore, to set you apart from other blog articles, you can call upon your expertise to share more unique options that are often overlooked if you don't live and work in the area.

Some popular local attractions that you will want to consider writing about including:

  • Zoos

  • Theme parks

  • Water parks

  • Museums

  • Indoor activities like bowling, laser tag or go-karting

You will want to tailor the attractions that you talk about depending on the demographic of your customers. For example, if you typcially rent your holiday home to families with young children, you'll want to priortise child friendly options.

When you are writing your blog article, you will want to try and include as much detail as possible to set your article above the rest. This could include details such as:

  • Opening days and times

  • Public transportation methods

  • Seasonality

  • Family friendliness

  • Cost

Blog Idea 3: Days Out In Your Local Area

While some holiday makers enjoy more structured days out, others prefer to set about and explore themselves. However, there is still a lot of benefit you can offer these potential customers through a blog article. Having first hand knowledge of your local area you can offer detailed recommendations which can be extremely beneficial to the reader.

Some topics that you might want to cover include:

  • Best long walks

  • Local towns and cities to explore

  • Boat trips

  • Beaches

  • Bus tours

How to make the most of visitors to your blogs

Offering helpful tips and advice to potential customers is great however you need to remember, you are running a business and you need to ideally get something back. As mentioned at the start of this article, typically audience members to these blogs may take a very long time to convert so you need to keep your business front and centre.

One way to do this is to ask visitors to your blog to sign up to receive emails from you regarding similar content which they should also find useful. Not only can you then keep talking to them for weeks or months to come, but you can also start using these emails to sell the benefit of your holiday rental with the goal of eventually securing their business.

You can read our article on the benefits of email marketing for small businesses by following this link.

Design 49 can support you with identifying suitable blog topics for your business based on search trends and competitor activity. We are even experts in writing blog content so you can concentrate on running your business.


Starting a blog can be a great way to attract new, relevant visitors to your website, Through this article we have suggested some blog topics to get you started but you can really write about anything that you think would be useful to your customers. We'd love to hear how you get on and if you find this article useful.

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