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At Design 49, we have a wide range of understanding across all major marketing channels, from developing and launching email marketing campaigns to developing highly efficient digital strategies for advertising on Google. We can help you with advising on the best combination of marketing channels to activate for your business and also support with developing and launching them for you.


Do you have an old website that you know needs some TLC? Perhaps some of your products are no longer available or you've changed your business location and customers are struggling to find you. 

We are able to modernise your existing website with a fresh new design to support you in attracting new customers. 

Existing Website Redesign Services


So you've got your business idea. Maybe you also have a strategy, but you're not sure how to build an online presence? Or perhaps you have a website that is out of date and not driving the results you need? 

Design 49 are here to help. We can design and launch your new website to allow you to reach as many of your audience as possible.


If you've had an idea for a business but you are not sure how to bring it to life, our branding support services can help solve this. We can create a completely unique brand identity for your business including the creation of a company logo. We can then roll this new brand out across a stationary suite to get you started.


Growing awareness of your business and your website can be tricky. A proven method is by creating how quality content that you can push out across different marketing channels. We can support in identifying and writing content that will appeal to your target audience. 

Design 49 are experts in writing search engine optimised content so that your business can start to rank for high value keywords related to your business.


If you have an existing brand, we can create a suite of stationery items to give you a smart and professional appearance. Our items are personalised to your offering, so whether you are selling to consumers or to other businesses, we can adapt the toolkit to ensure its as relevant as possible to you.

Stationary Suites
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